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Dressed up for a casino event

I got an invite to a huge casino event in a few weeks. Can you imagine my happiness? Not that I’m very found of casinos, but I get to dress up big time. Vegas is all about sparkling. I have dozens of shoes but this event made me go online to find something a bit over the top. These are my two favorites (the first pair is to big for my outfit, but the golden ones..mmmmh).

I guess now that I’m getting all dressed up, ready to mingle and throw some dices, that I actually have to learn something about gambling to. So I googled up a site that might come in handy. It was called I realized that I have a lot to learn (I didn’t even know what a free spin was đŸ˜€ ).

So wish me luck. I won’t be the best player, but I will deff be the most stylish guest at the casino!


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