Famous Shoe Brands

Shoes can quite easily grow on you as they are a sort of an addiction for both men and women. It doesn’t matter if you are on a lookout for a sporty or classy pair, you always want your shoes to be extremely comfortable, made nicely, and you have to make sure that the sizing is correct. However, not all brands offer excellent quality for the same or similar shoe. In fact, brands nowadays are trying to outdo themselves by making the shoe that will fulfill all of their customer’s requirements.

Most Famous Brands Through Time

Finding the right shoe can be a mission impossible, especially for men since they think that their choices are narrowed down. But if you look at their history, you will see that they have always had options. Just look at some of the most famous brands through time, starting with Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Puma, Vans; Those are just some of the most famous sporty shoes on the market.

Most famous brands through time - nike

Nike is definitely the most worn brand for men and women, thanks to their appearance they can look good as a day or night wear. However, for someone who is on a lookout for a classy pair that can be worn to a wedding, meeting, or just as a cute casual option, there are also other famous shoe brands that you can go for. Ever heard of Thomas Dutton? Thomas Dutton created the Thorowgood Running Shoe, 1860–65, from then on, fashion changed, and everyone started coming out with classy shoes. Lacoste, as well as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, are just some of the well-known brands for men’s shoes that leave everyone breathless.

Classy Brands To Go With

Enough talk about the sporty pairs, here is the real deal in terms of fashion – Hugo Boss. The German apparel company Hugo Boss was founded in 1923, but they got more recognised and loved sometimes in the 70’s. Nowadays everyone is a fan of Hugo, and how wouldn’t they be? It’s been around for over 80 years and is still killing the streets with its unique style. Besides Hugo, Burberry also earned its reputation with their classy looking trench coats based on the sturdy fabric in 1880. These two have their history and are surely not going anywhere.

Even More Luxurious – Calvin Klein & Prada

Calvin Klein is an accomplished designer that put out his work in 1968 and has come out with different items such as underwear (which he is most known for) perfumes, clothes, and even shoes. However, many people think of Klein’s advertisements provocative since he often uses teenager models and his adds are always quite bold and flashy. On the other hand, that is not the case with Prada, as they like to present”inward luxury”, which means they do not use flashy logos on their items. Prada started its work in 1913, created by Mario Prada, where they only focused on bags. Nowaday, it is all about the shoes with them, definitely! Apparently, it is all about going bold or going home when it comes to shoes, and luckily, there are many pairs that you can choose from. It is only up to you to put a price on it and to go with your beloved brand.