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Am I going to bet on sports to?

With only a few days left to the big casino event I am starting to get really nervous. What if I make a fool of my self? What if I loose all my money in an hour? A pretty face and the most gorgeous shoes ever can’t make up for that… or could it?

My best friend Tom ha promised to help me. “Wen I’m done with you, you will be the f*cking queen of the casino” he loudly declared. Since Tom never use bad language, I took him for his word. But he has been very quiet since that day, until for a few minutes ago. He sent me this link
I turned out that he was more of a pro regarding sports. And he thought – gamble as gamble. Make a bet – hope to be lucky 🙂 I’m sorry Tom, you didn’t calm me a sh*t.

Since this is a site regarding shoes, I here by give you my best tip for what shoes to wear attending a sports event (this one is for you Tom) .


Converse all stars are perfect while looking at sports events

A pair of clean converse all stars suits for every event ever

Fancy shoes that makes you comfortable an good looking at the same time

Look well dressed and feel comfortable in a pair of shoes like this.

I love Nike, makes you look good on the audience area

A pair of clean Nikes like those will make you look neat at every sports event you might visit.



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