Shoes In a Man’s World

Shoes are the base of any outfit, they can stand out or be a subtle finishing touch. However, shoes for men are not often discussed. They are equally important in defining a man attire. Whether the look be business chic or high-end fashion, shoes can make all of the difference in creating the perfect outfit.

Shoes for the occasion

Shoes for men have come a long way, no longer are basic black high shine shoes the only choice. In a business setting, for example, brown leather shoes are an excellent choice to go alongside a sharp grey suit. They pop with the contrast in colours and add a playful aspect to the ever formal business attire. Flashback to the seventies, and grab those white suit shoes, you have just turned that grey suit from office appropriate to drinks with the boys.

However, there hasn’t just been an evolution in business style shoes. Men’s casual and athletic shoes have also come leaps and bounds from where they once were. With the rising popularity of HighTops, Air Jordans and various other popular shoe brands, men are supplied with a plethora of choices, and the option of adding a real flair to their outfit, from the ground up.

No more shoe taboo

As a society, we have come so far. It is now considered completely normal for the fellas to go as equally as wild about their shoes as the ladies do. From Mark Wahlberg, Nick Cannon and all the way through to Dwayne Wade, there is a huge list of male pop culture figures who are passionate about shoes. It is no longer just Imelda Marcos hitting headlines for being proud owners of an extensive shoe collection.

Mark Wahlberg was recently quoted as having 137 pairs of shoes, with an estimated total value of $100,000 USD. Nick Cannon and Chris Brown have frequently duked it out on a popular social media service about who had the most impressive shoe collection. And let’s not forget NBA superstar, Michael Jordan who is the namesake and brand ambassador to the wildly popular shoe brand, Air Jordan. There are a plethora of other A list male celebrities who boast and brag about their impressive shoe collections.

Shoes for men, from business to pleasure

The rising popularity of shoes amongst men

While there is no doubt that celebrities boast some amazing shoe collections, we cannot forget about the average Joe. With an sensational array of shoes for men, for small budgets, all the way through to high-end fashion; any man can expand his shoe collection. It isn’t for the faint at heart, shoes can become quite the addiction. And, having a pair that compliments a variety of outfits, or that pair of shoes that you just couldn’t walk away from. Shoes truly are no longer limited to just the ladies.